Margin and Leverage

Flexible leverage up to 500:1

We facilitate our clients to make considerable profits even with smaller initial investments. With ZED International LTD, you can trade at amounts significantly higher than your current account deposits. You are flexible to trade at leverage ranging from 1:1 to 500:1, keeping the same margin requirements.

You can request to increase/decrease your chosen leverage at any time. However, the allowed leverage scale will depend on your account type.

Real-time Risk Management

We understand the significance of managing risks in Forex Trading.

We follow a Margin Call Policy under which you would be given a real-time warning as soon as the equity level of your account drops below 50% of the margin required forsupporting your open positions.

A stop-out level provision is there in which your open positions are automatically closed referring to the drop in equity level. For ZED International LTD Neptune, Uranus and Saturn account the default stop-out level is 30%.

By using the leverage facility, you can make considerable profits. At the same time, you can also incur heavy losses if you fail to manage your risk rightly. That is why we allow you to decide your leverage ratio to trade at preferred risk level.

Negative Balance Protection

We value our trustworthy clients and wish them a safe trade. However, in the worst conditions when you are trying to hedge the losses, with our Negative Balance Protection Policy, we ensure that you will never suffer loss higher than your account balance.

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